Ushering in a New Paradigm for Selling
What’s the sense in paying for expensive CRM applications, social selling tools and marketing automation software, without having a trained workforce that can produce results for you?
On-Demand Sales and Marketing Outsourcing as a Service
We are a cleantech and IT sales and marketing firm, created to leverage the tools of the new
paradigm of selling to help companies achieve their sales and marketing goals.

We offer a cost effective, virtual network of trained on-demand sales and marketing professionals,
powered by CRM applications, marketing automation software and driven by our Customer Services
Upgrade selling system, a scalable framework for generating leads, schedule more appointments
and closing deals faster.

Drive Sales & Increase Market Share
Leverage our cost effective network of trained sales and marketing agents to launch a direct or virtual
sale & marketing campaign with us:
  • Lower the financial risks associated with hiring sales representatives
  • Flexible service and pricing plans that fit your business needs
  • Sale and Marketing Automation users have a 9.3% higher sales quota achievement rate (CSO Insights)
  • Create direct or virtual sales & marketing automation campaigns
  • Establish a virtual or direct independent sales agent team
  • Implement an e-mail, SEO & social selling marketing strategy


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Drive Sales & Increase Market Share

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